About Ki Fitness America Inc

About Ki Fitness America

Ki Fitness America Inc. was founded in 2009 in New York as a non-profit organization and has grown to serve four centers in the New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. Founded as a beneficiary of the public, Ki Fitness America’s goal is to improve the health and wellness of humanity through welfare service.

Many people from all walks of life have come to Ki Fitness, seeking relief from various ailments and diseases. Recovering their own natural healing powers and abilities through the benefits of Ki training has allowed these people to enjoy healthier, happier, and more balanced lives. Self healing is a natural ability we can all easily recover through Ki Training and Practice.

In the present day, we are approaching the limitations of modern medical science. There are currently many serious diseases for which modern medicine can provide no remedy. In the near future humanity will be faced with devastating communicable diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, easily transmitted from one person to the next.

We should equip ourselves to easily recover from such threats to our health by applying our own natural and innate healing powers. This can be accomplished through Ki Training, which naturally improves the health and functioning of our immune system.

Ki Training allows anyone to improve their own health and wellness, learning and gaining the ability to heal through self-treatment. Eventually, the ability to treat and heal other can be learned as well.

Worldwide awareness of and interest in holistic medicine is steadily increasing, and we are excited for many people to enter into Ki Training and Practice. All are welcome, All can benefit greatly.

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