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Here are some great testimonials we have received over the years and we appreciate every one of them. We look forward to meeting you and being a catalyst to your better health and wellness through out Ki Energy Treatments.

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It was not until the leaves started to reappear and I was able to walk outside without a coat that I realized I had actually had my very first winter without a virus, my first winter without an attack of asthma.

Since receiving Qi Treatments every month I have had steady improvements with my hips and back pain and asthma. For the first time in years I am no longer needing to use my inhaler. My kidneys are also better so I feel like life is worth living again.

Thank you

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I suffer bad hay fever and dust allergies, so I’m always on prescribed drugs to control it. This has been costing me an arm and a leg in prescribed drugs and all I’m doing is pumping drugs into my body.

After my second treatment my hay fever has been under control for a short time. Before my second treatment I had very sore eyes and a blocked nose. After I feel I can breathe much more and my eyes have stopped watering. Feel more relaxed now as my sinuses are much better now. I’m definitely going for further treatments.

Comms Officer, MET police


When Master Oh and his team visited me in Hospital in Northern Ireland I was in the depths of alcoholism, depression and loneliness.

After receiving Innersound Healing I admitted myself to an alcoholic unit in Dublin where I spent 6 weeks. During this time I know that the Masters in London were praying for me morning and night. I can unequivocally state that it was their prayers and closeness to me while I was going through the unit that has brought me to where I am today.

I have found an inner peace, happiness and contentment and a way of life, which I can only describe as miraculous.

Peter, Retired – N.Ireland


I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for many years with constant pain and swelling in most of my joints.

I had one of my hips and both knees replaced and continued to take medication with no avail. Until one day my friend told me about Innersound and now after a few treatments I stopped taking all of my medication and I am free of pain.

Grateful thanks to all, God bless

Florence, Retired – London
I have had chronic arthritic pain in my hips.

It has been impossible to walk without a stick and getting up from sitting was very difficult. I only left the house for doctor and hospital appointments and was therefore not seeing many other people.

I am now pain-free. I need my walking stick because my leg muscles have become very weak, partly because of medication. After 2 treatments, I was able to use the Tube when I arrived in London, where previously I had needed to use a Taxi to the center.

Having no pain makes me feel much more cheerful. I can get out of the house more and meet people. I now collect my grand-daughter from school once a week and have even been to the opera!

I know that without the treatments from the wonderful, caring Qi Masters, I would still be struggling with the pain.

Beth, Retired – Hertfordshire


I was diagnosed with angina having had severe chest pain. I was offered medication which I refused.

Since receiving treatments and starting the training I am no longer experiencing chest pains.

Thank you all so much for your help and the wonderful work you are doing.

Gem 45 Care worker-London

Back Pain

Actress Rula Lenska had secretly warn a back brace for years. Read this Daily Express article, about how Qi treatments cured her back pain.

I work as cabin crew for Aer Lingus and as all crew know back pain, IBS, sinusitis are among the many ailments commonplace in our profession. Being quite under pressure to keep our sickness to a minimum does not help our recovery. I came upon Innersound while at a back expo and the effects were instant, it’s wonderful. I can’t recommend it enough, the Ki Masters’ kindness and magical ability melts the pain away. At work I feel energised and pain free, fellow crew and passengers alike notice the difference. It should be mandatory in in-flight briefings!

Nessa, 34 – Dublin
I had a lot of tension all over my body, but mainly in my shoulders. I also had been suffering with acute lower back pain for several months, as a result of a recurring sports injury ten years ago. I would say, like most people, I had a lot of stress just from pressures of modern urban living.

After just one treatment I feel so relaxed and calm. I really don’t feel at all stressed anymore! I don’t want to speak too soon, however after months of suffering with back pain I can honestly say I cannot feel any pain! I really am amazed and cannot praise it enough!

Police Officer
I was at a business meeting and when I got up to leave I felt like I had put my back out. I could not walk properly and was feeling intense pain down my right thigh. It was worse this morning when I woke up. I had to cancel my work meetings as I could not walk or sit for very long. The Ki Treatment removed the intense pain down my back and leg. Ten minutes have passed since the treatment and I cannot believe the immediate relief from the pain.

Catherine, London


Having tried various remedies – inclusive of diet, western and traditional Chinese medicine (herbs, acupuncture and massage), Chi-Kung and exercise – for reduced energy brought about by some 12 hours surgical repair of a ruptured diaphragm ten years ago, I recently joined the London centre. As a trained researcher who accepts that people respond to meanings rather than situations – although open to interpretations – I explore phenomena rather than take trust on claims and rationale of others. If something doesn’t work for me, I don’t argue, I just move on. Initially sceptical about the combined effects of chanting, meditation and movement, I can nevertheless from experiential exploration of my own, report the following effects:

1) In terms of energy shift during training I have experienced symptoms consistent with the movement of internal energies in the form of:

– burning palms for some twelve hours following the first session; – increased upper body heat following several sessions; – aches over sites of previous injury followed by a cessation of symptoms; – balancing of emotional energy with a more rapid recovery to equilibrium; – increased libido and general sense of well-being.

2) In terms of the benefits of energy massage:

– immediate relief of chronic bodily tensions around my stomach and shoulders; – sustained physical relaxation even during periods of high tension; – the development of deeper more natural abdominal breathing; – discharge of heat on alternative sides of my body.

Though my exploration had to date been short of duration, a few months of massage and a few weeks of training, there is sufficient here to catch my interest and enough of physiological and emotional benefit for me to commend this approach to others. As a tacit working hypothesis to the effects of this approach, it is suggested that;

Through a regime of Qi Treatment, Qi Training and meditation, it is possible to experience subtle physiological changes consistent with an internal process of change, which if persevered will promote increased physical and mental ease.

For the record I am 50 years old, my post-operative scar tissue extends some two feet, and I have not suffered the usual abdominal discomfort since I began training.


Dr Barber ( PhD; MSc; BA; RNT; SRN; RMN; RNMS )

Broken Bone

I have had constant pain in my wrist for more than 18 months, since I broke my scafoid bone while skateboarding. I have had ongoing medical and orthopedic treatment including injections of hydrocortisone and gold into the joint with no success and no relief of the pain. After one treatment today with the Senior Master I have no pain at all in my wrist and feel very well in myself. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough. Many thanks

Ben 28 – USA


My name is Patricia and I am 50 years of age.

I was diagnosed and underwent lumpectomy and axilor limph removal. I had 6 months of chemotherapy treatment. During this period I started to receive Qi Treatments which I found really helpful. I felt more energetic and more at peace. I was really surprised at how easy the rest of chemotherapy went and I did not have any side effects. Even my back pains went away completely.

I am now going through radiotherapy treatments and I am receiving Ki Treatments again once a week. It is helping me a lot. I have no side effects and I am feeling happy and full of energy.

Patricia 50 – London
Pancreatic Cancer

Recently, having sought the help of a renowned healer miles, from London I ceased continuation of treatment due to strain of travel and low benefit return. One could say this might have put me in a negative approach to further healing of my pancreatic cancer. This was not the case and I was lately introduced to Innersound.

After three treatments, I had noticed improvement to the declining strength of my right side. On the fourth treatment, to the arm, I could not believe! I felt totally revitalised and sensations, (although they be weak) were restored to my right arm and shoulder. I now feel a pain there, but there is at least feeling, along with some mobility. Hopefully, further strength will come.

I am astounded, as is my family, at the improvement to my condition and look forward to continuance of the Qi regime.

I would strongly advise anyone to approach this form of healing with an open mind, it could work for you too!

I would like to thank everyone for their kind concern and care.

John, Retired – London

I have cancer, asthma and heart problems. These treatments are the only things that give me the energy to cope with chemotherapy treatments and pain.


Bladder cancer
Before Treatments

Very tired and stressed, not sleeping well as my mind was always racing. I have an ongoing chronic condition (bladder cancer) so have regular surgery and general anaesthetics which take a while to clear. Also busy work schedule.

After treatments

Sleeping better, mind is calmer, still get stressed but stop holding on to so much. Generally feeling calmer and stronger.

Other comments

I think the Masters tune in really well and the centre and all the staff and accompanying ethos is amazing. I’m delighted to have found it.

Sarah – University Lecturer

Chronic Fatigue

My name is Norma and I am 53 years old. I came across Innersound at an alternative health show because I was looking for a treatment that could help my energy levels and to help me to fully recover from ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome which I had for at least 7 years.

The first treatment was incredible and I felt an improved change both physically and emotionally. After having 5 treatments the results were even better, my energy levels were up and balanced, I felt calmer and more positive in my outlook, I realised that the treatment had definitely shifted and removed any blockages that I had developed over the years both physically, emotionally and mentally.

I continued with the treatments and have been having treatment on a regular basis for 4 years and the changes within me have continued to go from strength to strength. I hardly have flu or colds, and my hay fever has improved. My energy is probable the best its ever been I feel more younger now than I did in my 40’s. As a result I don’t get as stressed and stay calmer and happier with coping with life’s challenges. I haven’t visited a Doctor now for 5 years there is no need too due to the amazing Qi treatments.

The Innersound centre has an amazing calming energy and all the Masters who do treatment are now my friends and feel part of my family, they offer great help and support. I introduced my mother and brother who now both have treatment every week, in fact more than me, and my friends pop into the centre when needed, to relieve back ache, stress, headaches the list goes on.

I now run two very successful businesses and am much happier and balanced. I highly recommend Qi treatment and only wish everyone knew about it so they can feel the rewards like me. I am grateful and thankful.

Thank you

Norma 53 Shop Owner/Designer – London
Chronic Fatigue

I have been attending training classes for nearly two years, first of all in Sydney, Austrailia and then in London. I cannot imagine how I would have managed without them. I have been ill for most of my thirties. When I started Qi Training I had been very ill for four years and quite ill for sometime before this and was not getting any better. I had a poorly functioning immune system, manifold digestive difficulties, insomnia and fatigue. I had had to change my life to accommodate all this, giving up full time work and becoming a student so I could work in my own time when I felt well enough. I tried numerous nutritional, homeopathic and herbal remedies since my GP said he could do nothing to help me. These worked little or not at all or for a very short time. I tried to hide the severity of my illness from friends and colleagues partly because I did not want to admit just how incapacitated I was although at one stage I could hardly walk or string a coherent sentence. Also since illness of this ‘chronic fatigue’ type was regarded by my doctor as un-diagnosable and ‘all in the mind’, I felt that at some level I was malingering.

I mention this because at Innersound many of the trainees and Masters have had varieties of chronic fatigue so the first thing I found wonderfully relaxing when I went to the Sydney Centre, was that my state was recognised by others. It was an humane and compassionate environment where it seemed possible to get better.

I have become better gradually over the last two years. The more classes I attend the better I feel. I now have few food intolerances, sleep through the night and am able to go out to work again. I got much better after the first few months of training and then experienced some smaller changes recently. I have become much better again. The most awful symptoms of wooziness and the muddle headed feeling, the loss of ordinary cognitive abilities went long ago. After training for so long the results are now instant when I attend a class. That is I might come to the centre feeling very low but my energy is restored by doing a class. After doing family healing I have also felt much better. It’s as though each time I do a family branch, a layer of symptoms peels of.

I have always found the natural world very soothing and enervating, gardening or walking in the country were my favorite recharging activities so it seemed obvious to find that Qi draws on the power of the natural world but in a very specific and systemised way. I went to Sydney for a month from Alice Springs purely to attend the Qi training centre. It is wonderful that the centre in London opened at that time and encouraged me to return to the UK. Without this I would have tried to stay in Sydney in order to train there as I saw this was my only chance of getting my life back.

I am currently finishing a doctorate in anthropology. Before I became ill I worked as an architect and now teach a combination of these subjects to Masters, students. I am currently watching two excellent students become ill with chronic fatigue. I feel I have been very lucky.

Diana, Anthropologist – Sydney,
Chronic Fatigue

I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 19 years. About 17 months ago I started Ki Training at the Innersound centre in London. Although I have tried various other alternative therapies with a moderate amount of success, I have really benefited from the Qi Training. I have so much more energy and the debilitating depression that goes with CFS has virtually gone. Whereas in the past a simple task like mowing the lawn would incapacitate me for a few days, I can now complete tasks with energy to spare. I also recently undertook a 9 mile walk for charity which would have been impossible a few years ago. Other benefits have been a near normalisation of my blood pressure, and a great reduction in the severity of S.A.D. symptoms which would trouble me every winter. I have also seen other trainees improve in their physical/psychological well-being.

Geoff 43 – St. Albans


Generally I have physical pain everywhere. I have problems everywhere in my shoulder, back and neck for 10 years. I had severe constipation especially my knee arthritis was full of water I couldn’t walk properly, it was very painful. I always worried about my children so that I had depression and insomnia. My friend introduced this treatment to me and since I received this treatment I had diarrhoea. Because I worried about my severe constipation, sometimes for more than 10 days I had severe diarrhoea. The master said don’t worry about that all of the negative things are coming out and I continuously received treatment. I lost weight and found it became much easier to walk, the constipation stopped. While I was receiving treatment my body was heavier and more painful, the Master said don’t worry this is your bodies natural reaction to heal itself, keep receiving treatment for 2 months. Now I am better. My shoulder and headaches, arms legs and back are all better. Also my insomnia is better I can sleep at night and my mind is very peaceful. If I stay at home I feel very cold but whenever I come to the centre my body is hotter.

The Masters asked me to have a beautiful mind and gratitude. When ever I leave the centre I practise having this mind. I am very grateful to the Qi Centre and I will do more work to improve my health. I hope this information encourages other people to receive treatments.

Kim 39 Housewife – Brixton


I have been attending Qi treatments now for one year. This has helped me emotionally and physically to cope with depression and hepatitis. The Innersound Centre is a very spiritual place and will always be special.

Diane 28 – Clapham

When I first came here, I suffered from severe depression. I had been on and off prozac for around 8 years and on it continuously for at least 3, I was getting by and struggling to enjoy life, in a haze, mainly it was a bit of an act to get by. If I tried to stop taking anti-depressants, it would end in tears, it seemed nothing could work out and I had such a lot to improve.

Then a friend told me about this place, he explained that our energy is like an electricity circuit and sometimes it gets stuck and we need to repair certain areas so we can move forward.

I was interested from the beginning, as always there are lots of questions. I had my first treatment, went home, felt very sleepy and fell asleep all afternoon. Thought this might be a little like acupuncture, as your adrenaline settles down and you can end up catching-up on sleep. I could feel something around my heart muscles as well. I was curious and decided to go for 5 more treatments. On the second and third treatments, I had some incredible dreams that woke me in the night, they were related to my life, I was very curious and wanted to know more.

So shortly after the treatments I immediately tried out a training class and I felt so light, especially in my legs, my head was very clear and everything around me looked bright, more prolific and beautiful than before. So I continued, within 1-2 weeks I managed to stop taking the prozac and had such a sense of deep inner happiness inside, I could concentrate much better and knew something special was happening. Alas, not everyone around me believed it when I told them, but I carried on going and it has been a great journey ever since, so 5 years later here I am depression free. People here have been very kind to me and I have learnt so much, life can be quite good actually.

I would really recommend this to anyone with any kind of addiction, the thing I noticed the most is that I felt supported and my mind stabilized and balanced enough for me to be able to get on with the things I needed to do in life, with a deep sense of inner awareness and happiness.

Anonymous 32 – Media

I started Qi Training at a time I was under a lot of emotional stress. I had been suffering from depression all my life, even as a child, with some years better than others. I was vulnerable to stress and it was hard for me to relax.

After one year of Qi training and Family healing, I cured myself from depression. I have created such a foundation of happiness in myself that makes me really confident to say I will never be depressed again. I am now more myself than ever, more happy and I have learnt how to relax and enjoy the simple things in life!

I have balanced my weight naturally and feel fitter than before as my lungs are breathing more freely. My constipation is now under control as I understand that it is connected to my emotional state.

I would like to recommend Qi training and Family healing to everyone who wishes to bring more quality into their life.

Claudia 31 – Cabin Crew

Digestive Disorders

I had IBS and was very stressed. Had been vomiting quite frequently due to the food sensitivities.

(Qi Treatment) has helped me focus on the cause of the illnesses, recommended ways of improving my stress levels and shown me that Qi Treatment does work!

Comms Officer, Lambeth CCC


When you are ill you want to know what is wrong with you, the cause and the cure. I have had chronic eczema since I was 3 months old and no-one really knows what causes it. This means that there is no definite cure. The illness severity is up and down for many years. About three years ago the eczema suddenly got extremely worse and half a year later I was on a steroid drug to suppress the eczema. Nothing else had seemed to work. Due to the drug I became ill and coughs and colds turned into a chest infection that landed me in hospital. I came off the drug but never seemed to recover. I spent almost three months in bed. I never had any energy and I may have suffered from depression as well. I was barely in school and my work suffered greatly. After over 15 years of searching for health I came to Innersound. My mum had read an article about it and I was willing to give it a try. I have been coming for five months and I will be doing my GSCEs soon. I don’t think I would have coped without Qi. The results have been amazing. I have so much more energy and instead of four days a week at home, it’s only one now. Most of my eczema has cleared up and the rest is steadily improving. It also helps with the emotional baggage of dealing with an illness. It is not only for people who are ill either and you can benefit at any age. By coming here you are also helping your family. This is the only place where I have been told what is wrong with me. The cause and the cure. For the first time in my life I am close to long-term health. I know that a practice like this is hard to understand and put your trust in but it is worth coming for a treatment just to feel the effect for yourself. The leap of faith could bring you that much closer to health and happiness.

Kiran 18, Student – Brixton


I am very grateful to Innersound because I have recovered more than 50 % of my vision.

The doctor said I need an operation for my shortsightedness to recover my vision but it was not possible because the retina was extremely dry. (I used to have 3 times a week drops in my eyes and still have)

After having joined Qi Training classes I started to feel my eyes opening and my vision is better. It feels like I have had an operation on both of my eyes.

Thank you very much.

Maria, Retired – Colombia


On behalf of the residents at the Elandsvallei Home for the Aged in Germiston South Africa, I would like to thank the team who visited us for the awesome experience.

The residents, were elated and honestly felt much better – most were asking when you would visit us again.

The most humbling thought is that everyone is called to assist others on a voluntary and unpaid basis, a wonderful example of humanity, from which many of us could learn a life lesson.

Kind regards and once again thank you for choosing our Home to benefit.

Barbara Jensen, Director Red Cross – Retirement home, South Africa

I am Jessie and I’m 84 years young. Apart for a Hiatus hernia I am in excellent health and that has a great deal to do with my weekly visits to Qi treatments. I have been coming here for treatment on a weekly basis for about 4 years now, that’s how good it is!

When i first came I was unable to sign my name and had trouble writing and holding objects. Plus my overall energy levels were very low, i felt tired all the time plus felt generally low in myself. Also I couldn’t walk very well and far without my legs feeling heavy and tired.… I used to feel panicky and a little unsure but since Qi treatments in fact since after the first 5 Qi treatments all that’s changed, i have no health problems and on no medication, I can write, walk and feel generally happier and calmer.

I am now in great condition for 84 and everyone thinks I am at least 10 years younger since having Qi treatments.

The reason I come on a weekly basis is as a prevention and a maintenance for my health and well being and honestly would not know what to do without the help and support of the Innersound centre.

I would highly recommend Qi treatment as it has improved not only my physical health immensely, but I feel happier, calmer and stronger, and both my children come on a regular basis, who in turn have recommend it to friends. Coming to the centre is a joy as it feels very calm and serene, and everyone is happy and cannot do enough to help you. It’s truly a joy and wonderful place and i wish the world could benefit as i have from Innersound. Thank you from my heart.

Jessie, Grandmother – London

I give many thanks for the first treatment. I am nearly 80 years old with many problems. The result was dramatic over 10 days, my kidneys were in underdrive, and for the first time in weeks I was able to walk normally or take forward steps. My asthma took a turn for the better and my eczema started to heal. and looking forward to many more treatments to come.

Gwen, Retired – London


I just want to thank all of you for the beautiful days we spent at Innersound. It was a blessing to share with you this weekend.

When the doctors told me that there was no solution for my health problems I felt devastated. They wanted to give me morphine and asked me to stay in hospital I knew I had to find a real solution.

My English is not very good and it’s hard for me to explain with words how we feel now thanks to your love, energy and hospitality. We will send an email in Spanish where we try to write better our feelings and huge grateful. I hope you can translate it and share with all Innersound team our words.

Again many thanks

Javier & Pilar 33 Film maker – Spain


I was guided here by a friend after having suffered with a large fibroid in my left ovary. At this point my fibroid was the size of an orange. After five sessions of treatment with the Qi Masters, I underwent an investigative operation to my womb. I had been just under two weeks since having Qi Treatment. After the operation I was informed that the fibroid had reduced by 2/3, now the size of a plum. Each month prior to treatment I was having to take painkillers to get through the day. Since receiving Qi Treatment , I have hardly had to take painkillers during menstruation. I am also not losing so much blood. The treatment has made such a difference. I am back a second time as I felt I needed to come back. I am hoping to start the training in the new year so that I can experience a better balanced life. All the masters are so friendly and warm and welcoming. It is a pleasure to visit the centre. I have been asking if I can come to live here. So far, no response. Thank you Inersound.

Mary 35, Carer – London

This is my 4th treatment. I’ve suffered for 8 years with fibroids, had 5 operations and I have never been able to make it out of bed at the time of the month. This is the 1st time that I have been able to have a normal week. To go shopping, walk around, visit a friend during this time. I know that Qi treatment is helping me and each treatment I feel better.

Kate 42, Senior Nurse – London


I trapped my finger in a very heavy door. The door shut completely and I heard a loud crack. I was too busy to go to hospital but finally 2 weeks later I made it for a check up. They x-rayed my finger and after looking at my papers asked me if they had the correct date for my accident. They were absolutely amazed at how much the new bone had healed in such a short time. I put it all down to the Qi Training classes.

Sarah-Jane 31 – Personal Trainer

Gall Bladder

Qi Treatments have changed my life. It is the most amazing treatment I have ever experienced. I was supposed to have my gallbladder removed but my doctor is now so satisfied with my progress since I started receiving Qi Treatments I no longer need the operation.

I had a liver problem which has now cleared up after just a few treatments. I was also suffering with IBS and back pain.

I recommend it to all of my clients and they all tell me that it was the best recommendation they have ever had. They too are feeling the benefits from Qi Treatments. It’s magic!

Arezoo, Beauty Therapist – Knightsbridge


Hi name is Adam and this is how Qi Treatments changed… SAVED!! My life.

Well all the problems started for me when I lost my Dad to cancer in Oct 2003, my Dad was a very big loss to me, because he was also my best friend as well as a fantastic Father and we shared a lot of time and memories with each other. At this time in my life I was a young man of 18 I had just moved to Spain to start a new life away from the hectic way of living in the London suburbs. So just when my life seemed to be changing for the good my Mother had to tell me that my Father had 3 weeks to live, to hear that was the biggest loss and defeat I have ever experienced in my whole life, and still to this day. I left Spain that day and flew back to be with my him. At this time my Dad was in hospital, we as a family decided to take back my Dad back home to Egypt to spend the last few weeks with his family. My Dad deteriorated as the weeks passed and on the third week my Father passed away, I was there to see my Dads last breath. It still hurts really badly till this day, but what I say to myself is that he brought me into this world with my Mother and I was there to see him leave this world.

After the funeral I went back to Spain for a few months and worked in the building trade, I saved a lot of money and from my savings I went travelling around the world for 6 months, I had the most amazing time of my life. I never forgot about my problems and for many nights I would cry myself to sleep.

In Dec 04 I arrived back to England from my travels and I went back to the family house in Dagenham, Essex where my Mother and little Brother still lived. As soon as I got off that plane something didn’t feel right. I was living back in the house where I had grown up with Dad and there were so many memories, every time I would turn around there was something reminding me of my Dad and it would send me crazy. I just couldn’t fall back into the English way of life, it was just to fast and compact for me now, remember I was away for 1 year 2 months relaxing on beaches in lovely hot weather and then I had to come back to place where the houses are all so cramped together and most of the people are so rude and serious.

So from all the crazy and stressful times something had to give, and it did! The worst thing that really messed me up from all these problems was anxiety! Anxiety took a hold of my life without my say so and that was incredibly scary when it did take over my mind and body. It really did stop me from doing the most of easiest of things, things like going to far away from my house without a quick means to get home, going to nightclubs, even just thinking about going on aeroplanes and most things that I would normally take for granted. I felt disabled. Everyone around me was doing things with such ease, for me it was so mentally challenging and took a great deal of energy out of me.

This went on for about 11 months, everyday waking up in pain, the only time anxiety couldn’t get me was when I was asleep but as soon as my eyes would open and my brain started to click into gear the pain came straight back. The pain always came from my stomach which would last all day and if the anxiety would kick in, it would take over my mind. There’s only so much a person can take and by the 6th month it was getting very close to the boarder line. Everyday was a struggle and so much energy was consumed from me which left me mentally and physically exhausted. By this stage I was feeling suicidal thoughts all the time, just thinking of ways to stop the pain that controlled my life and I could only think of one, and that was to end it.

So I needed help or a miracle to get my life going my way again. My Sister Jane was a massive help to me, she got me in to counselling once a week. She was the only one who believed what I was going through and really helped me through the hard times. My family and close friends didn’t believe me at first because when I told everyone that I was ill they couldn’t physically see the change in my health so they didn’t believe or understand that I had a mental health problem. Not even the Doctors! Believed me they just sent me on all kinds of tests, when the tests came back clear they didn’t want to know. When no one could understand what was going through it made me so angry and upset I really needed a lifeline and eventually it came.

My friend Dennis had organised a lads day out to Excel in Docklands, there was a beer festival going on. My mates and I decided to go down there by train, on the train I was feeling a bit of anxiety, but apart from that I was okay that day. We got in there and had a fantastic day, us boys were in our element the place was full of gorgeous women; you could play football and see top of the range cars, what else does a lad of 20 need. After I had looked and walked around the place and chatted up a few of the models and got a few numbers I noticed a little stall, the stall was the same as any other but it attracted my attention by the noise coming from the man performing what looked like a massage on a person laying down. After a few minutes of standing there watching my mates called me and told me to come and catch them up, so I left the stall and caught up with them. As I was walking around I couldn’t stop thinking about the stall. After an hour of walking around again! We came across the stall and this time I went right to the front to see what was happening. (This is the weird part on what happen that day and I swear its true).I was just standing there in a group of 20 people watching and a woman with blond hair and a strange accent which I thought could be South African came up to me from out the crowd and said out from no where ” you are not very well” and to hear that was very mind blowing, so I explained what I had been going through and we talked for a bit and she told all about Qi Treatments and how the masters put positive energy into you. At the end of the conversation I asked her how she knew that I was ill she replied “I can tell by your eyes that your energy is very low”. I took in all of the information, but it was strange for me that I looked perfectly fine and still the woman knew I had something wrong with me. She gave me some info and cards, I said my thanks and I promised that I would come for a Qi Treatment.

Now I’m 21 and as I promised I did go for that treatment and now I’m back in charge of my life again, anxiety doesn’t control me anymore. The Qi Treatments gave me the energy to fight back. I’ve been going to Innersound for about 7 months now and it as totally changed and maybe even saved my life. What has Innersound done for me? Well it stopped me having panic attacks even when I used to think about situations that I would usually panic in before. I no longer suffer from anxiety and stomach pain that has been with me for years. On the physical side I felt that my system was unblocking and that the positive energy was growing inside me. It cleared my head so that I can now think straight and have been able to get my life back on track.

Before Innersound my life was going down the pan, now I feel like I am starting afresh with such hope and a healthy body. I’ve just quit my full time job because I’m moving to Canada on a 1 year working visa. The travelling life is the way to go for me it’s the only time when I really feel free, and like a bird I need to spread my wings. Life is short so make the most of it!

Adam 21, London


Ever since I first came I have felt a great joy to my life. I mean, I was happy before but as soon as I came back I felt like everything has had its purpose. I also felt like I shouldn’t be down, and that I should just carry on. Of course, there were still moments when I have been angry and upset but now I have had a better approach to life.

Mum and Dad have always liked coming as they say that they feel more relaxed and “healthy”. This means that they are nicer to me (not that they’re not nice to me normally). The whole household has become relaxed.

I usually feel full of energy but I then get tired so quickly. When I go to Innersound, I have that same energy but I don’t get tired so quickly. I think that Innersound has changed my life in a good way and I am glad that I have come here.

Matthew 10, Student – London


For 10 years I have been doing computer work, my eyes were always tired. In the springtime when the wind goes into my eyes they feel itchy and had an allergic reaction, now after numerous treatments this has completely recovered. With the training classes I feel like my mind is growing and I am distancing from previous emotions and negativity. One day my hands felt strange and started changing. In my culture we call it medicine hands, when you touch somebody then they can be healed. Since I started this training after 3 months I twisted my ankle, I tried acupuncture but the pain didn’t go so I grabbed my ankle and sent energy, then 2 minutes later I fell asleep. When I woke up my pain had gone. Since then my wife brought her mother to me to heal her disc problem. She had an operation 5 years ago, she took a lot of pain killers twice per day and she couldn’t bend her back. I didn’t have confidence to heal her but I felt like trying. I treated her and suddenly something felt really hot in my hands and 10 minutes later I had back pain and lost my energy. After 15 minutes later she felt like her pain had gone and she said she felt a lot of heat in my hands. Her back felt pins and needle type pain and a cool feeling then her pain completely went away. I did not expect this from the training but I feel happy that I can do something for my family as they do not have time to go to the centre.

Nigel 44, Engineer – Croydon

Heart Condition



As a man with AIDS suffering from a number of opportunistic infections I have found regular Qi Treatments very beneficial. They have helped me gain energy, better health and more hope.


Has been HIV+ for 12 years. Normal CD4 count for the last 12 years has been 320 3 weeks ago after a blood test it was 590.

This result is after 8 Qi Treatments and 7 training classes. It is incredible!

Physically I feel more energized, happier and content with life. I would like to carry on further treatments and training class to improve my health and avoid infections to my body in the future.


High Blood Pressure

All my friends say that I look different. I am more relaxed, my posture is better and I am much more peaceful. I had severe pain on my liver for about 13 years and now only occasionally I feel some discomfort. My prostrate is functioning normally after being really troublesome for 3 years. My blood pressure which was very high has decreased and is almost reaching normal levels. I have only been doing training for 4 months and such great changes have happened in such a short period of time. I train everyday which helps me to not only recharge my body after a long day’s work but also to decrease my stress levels. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to get healthy in a natural and safe way.

Paul 58, Artist – London

Hot Flushes

After my first visit, my hot flushes and night sweats stopped! Completely unexpected result. My mind was calmer, face and body felt softer and I felt happy! (this is rare!) People re-acted differently towards me. Looking forward to more!

Lorna 35, Supervisor – Devon

Immune System

I am more relaxed than ever before which I have since found out is helping my kidney energy to recharge. Even under stressful circumstances I remain calm and feel balanced. I have become much less irritable and impatient.
I have much more awareness of my physical condition and state of mind, which helps me a lot in my daily life to do the right things. As a swimmer of high level it is important that I understand about my health.
After treatment my sinuses cleared up and I always feel mentally clearer. I used to be ill regularly because of the demands of swimming training and competitions. Now with Qi training my immune system is definitely stronger and that is real asset for my swimming. I am much fitter, I have much more energy and find life easier to handle.

Nathan 24, National Swimmer – Surrey, Dec 05


I have started regular classes and treatments with Innersound after a number of fertility clinic results all concluded that my FSH was too high (42) and I was approaching an early menopause. Through training my FSH dropped down to 7 (normal range) and I got pregnant with my daughter to the amazement of my obstetrician. During the pregnancy I found Qi treatments the best cure for back ache and other pregnancy aches.

During my second pregnancy I kept bleeding and the obstetrician couldn’t find the cause and suggested bed rest. My regular routine for months was ultrasound at the hospital followed by a treatment that stopped the unexplained bleeding for a week or so… I am really grateful to the Masters for their encouragement and support during my Qi training. I am busy with my little angels at the moment but love to come for a Qi treatment or a class.

Isabella 45, Marketing – Suffolk


I first started Qi Treatment to help with a neck injury and was in a great deal of pain. I was not expecting miracles and was very curious – my HR recommended it. The treatment amazed me! By the next day not only had the swelling halved in my left arm, but the pain had significantly reduced. My physio was impressed by the instant change.

I have recommended this to all my colleagues, friends and family. It is a thoroughly relaxing process. The practitioners are all friendly and kind and when I first attended they had me fill out a form that was not invasive in any way. I noticed that they are so calm and serene. I found this treatment to be exactly what I need in order to deal with my job and recoup from my injury.



Marco hadn’t slept for a year. Read this Daily Mail article about how he cured his debilitating insomnia. Read More

The difference after just two treatments is unbelievable! After about 10 years of utter sleeplessness, at most two hours a night, I went to bed at 11 pm, closed my eyes and woke up at 7:30am totally refreshed. I woke up with a feeling of complete wellbeing and bursting with energy. As well as that all my muscles and joints feel loose.

I can’t wait for the next treatment!

Peggy, Retired – Dublin


I’ve lost count now as to how many treatments I’ve had so far! But my weekly Qi session (MOT!) definitely keeps me balanced.
The benefits were almost immediate. Having suffered with IBS and painful periods for years my symptoms and subsequent pain has miraculously diminished.
Thank you all so much for your wonderful work – I’m spreading the word to all my friends!!

Sacha 36, Designer – London


During the past year I broke the top of my right arm in four places and a couple of months later my left wrist, at which time I also fractured my head which left me with very bad vision in my left eye, a lack of taste and smell and severe heart problems. One of the medications subscribed for him affected his mental state and made him bipolar for the best part of a year. He has been stable although somewhat depressed for the last two months. We both had a really bad year and following our daughter’s example I came to see you.

I have now had four treatments. Two days after my first I slept 12 hours without waking once. I normally wake every two hours and sleep a maximum of 6. I am a keen and creative gardener, writer and managing director of a tourist agency. During the past year I had no interest in any of these but after my first treatment my enthusiasm returned to the extent that my husband was so impressed with the difference he saw in me that he too booked a session.

My fourth session was with Master Oh. He concentrated very much on my right upper arm and my left wrist is greatly improved.

I totally believe in the benefits of Qi Treatments, I shall continue coming and am most thankful to everyone at the centre.

Elisa 55, Teacher – Surrey

I have had chronic arthritic pain in my hips.

It has been impossible to walk without a stick and getting up from sitting was very difficult. I only left the house for doctor and hospital appointments and was therefore not seeing many other people.

I am now pain-free although still stiff. I need my walking stick because my leg muscles have become very weak, partly because of medication.

After 2 treatments, I was able to use the Tube when I arrived in London, where previously I had needed to use a Taxi to the centre.

Having no pain makes me feel much more cheerful. I can get out of the house more and meet people. I now collect my grand-daughter from school once a week and have even been to the opera!

I know that without the treatments from the wonderful, caring Qi Master, I would still be struggling with the pain.

Beth, Retired – Hertfordshire


My next-door neighbour introduced Innersound, and I am glad it was recommended, because it is absolutely amazing. I started going after my parents had a few treatments and I thought id go along too. It’s the whole experience which is breathtaking the atmosphere within the centre is clam and simple not mind throbbing.

When I had my first treatment I went in all drained out, but came out feeling as bright and new and full of energy just waiting to burst out. It was amazing to know, if you just focus your mind it can change you as a person. So then on I kept on paying visits and receiving Qi Treatment. Till I got diagnosed with Latent TB at the age of 20 this got me pretty much down and feeling not so good about myself, and didn’t really want to do anything but just give up. I just felt how could I at such young age suffer with TB of any sort. So the next time I went to Innersound I told them about the illness, and Master Mo was the one I spoke to she was very helpful and calmed me down and said to me don’t worry as that will make me more ill, and that they will treat my illness. The hospital said it would take from 6moths to a year to have it all cleared with the medication they prescribed me with. So I kept on taking the medication and also on the side did Qi Treatment. Having Latent TB use to drain me out even if it was just walking up the stairs or down the road. Every time I made a visit my energy levels were boosting, and I could feel I was becoming more active myself. I was cured from TB in four and half months and am ever so grateful for the treatment I received. It’s like you’ve made me whole again and shown a new light in my life.

Not long ago I was again ill and Ki masters did everything in their power to get me back or normal and out of the suffering I was going through. I had developed kidney stoned and missed all my university exams. My parents and siblings were worried and Ki masters were there to support them whilst I was in hospital. During this time I had two treatments and it did help I could feel the strength, however I went back into hospital to find the stone was growing and that the only solution to this was to operate. My mother told Master Kim and she and all the other Ki Masters would chant for me and pray for me although I wasn’t there the prayers were so powerful that I was improving and fighting the kidney stone I got my strength back to eat and it showed me hope. After being in hospital for two weeks my health improved and the stone had moved from my kidney to my bladder and was of less harm to me. The consultant informed me that if the stone did not break then surgery will be the next step, he also said it was looking likely to have surgery due to the fact that the stone was increasing in size. However after this still having the stone in my bladder I still attended Ki health and was treated and am glad to say that the stone has broke into small tiny crystals, this was all with the help of the energy and positive minds of Ki Health Masters.

I’d personally recommend anyone to give Ki treatment a chance, because for one it’s all-natural and releases energy into you and unblocks any blockages within the body.

I’d like to thank all the Ki Masters for giving me the energy to battle the kidney stone and for the prayers that were chanted when I was at my worst. Thank you very much.

Sital 22, Student – London, Feb 06
Kidney disease

I have been doing training for 10 months. My motivation was to heal my kidneys and I am also very interested in energy.

When I watched a Chinese martial arts movie I saw the people flying and using the power of the storm and the wind, I wanted to have these abilities.

My illness is an incurable disease, no medicine can heal it. When I was at secondary school I had a diabetes and kidney test, they discovered that protein was coming out from my kidneys. I learnt that my kidneys are becoming harder, like a rock. The hospital couldn’t give me any information about this condition as they had not seen it before. I went to a kidney specialist to find out more. They told me my body may start to swell and the worst case scenario being that they could stop functioning. I lost all confidence and hope that I would lead a normal life. I just followed some dietary advice and exercise. Every month I went to the doctor for a check but the disease was still getting worse. In the mean time I found the Ki Centre through a poster. Since I started training and had another check up seven months later unbelievably the processing of the disease has stopped and now I am getting better. All I have to say is thank you. I also have gratitude to the person put the poster on the wall.

Steven 28, IT – London

Muscle Ache

The treatment was a very invigorating experience. The pain felt to be released as the treatment progressed and I felt the loosening in my aching muscles. I was very relaxed at the end of the session. What a fulfilling way to end the day.

Nadia, 33, Fashion – London

Multiple Sclerosis

After my first treatment I found that I felt like my old self, my husband is amazed at the difference in me. We have had a very hard 6 months as I have just been diagnosed with M.S. but after my treatment I felt energized, happy and full of life.

Thank you.

Nina, Mother – Birmingham
Multiple Sclerosis

I have been having Qi Treatments now for eight weeks. I first heard about Innersound when a friend gave me a brochure. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1991 and have been having vision problems for several years prior to that. I experience numb and tingling hands, very weak legs and arms, low endurance for physical activity, odd sensations in one leg, tremors of the legs while lying down and sensitivity to heat. I regularly see both a neurologist and an ophthalmologist. I walk with a crutch and have not worked since 1994. My vision and lack of physical endurance have made working impossible.

My past experience has included study of akido, a workshop in qi gong and some awareness of tai chi. So I had some idea of what Qi energy was about. Since the Qi Centre opened not far from my home, I could travel there easily, so I went to try a Qi Treatments.

There was an immediate effect at changing how my body felt. I was a little sore but very energised. My girlfriend said I was “glowing” after the first one. I have experienced improvements in all of my MS signs.
I saw my neurologist after three weeks of treatment, while he was sceptical about energy, he did agree I was stronger and more coordinated than on my previous visits. My eyes also tested better with my ophthalmologist. My walking is also better which she noticed. After only 2 months I am feeling better than I have in 10 years of MS, western medicine has not had much effect. I am looking forward to starting Qi Training very soon.”

Doug 30, Exeter


When my twin sister found out about the Innersound centre, I was at a stage of my illness, ME that I was prepared to try anything to get better. I was already bed bound with severe ME for at least a year and had suffered prior to that for at least 4/5 years. My parents had to help me to sit up, feed me and provide every possible help including help for my personal hygiene. The thought of my mum brushing my hair was daunting, as I could not sit up for more than five minutes. I would get tired even after a gentle body massage!

My parents contacted the Centre and spoke to Master Jin to find out what the treatment was about and if they could come home to treat me. Master Jin, Master Oh and Master Yoon came home within a couple of days and gave me a first treatment. I was so weak that I had to be helped even to turn over between the treatment. After 1st treatment it felt as if a run-down car battery was charged after a long period, and all the functions in a car had started running. I had a few more treatments at home by Master Oh. Master Jin and Master Oh were very understanding and were supportive of whatever my symptoms were. They gave appropriate information to me about the treatment and they answered my questions with enthusiasm and interest. I was eager to go to the centre, but this was a big step for me, as I had not gone out of the house and had not met anyone other than my parents and my sister for at least a year. My confidence was extremely low. The thought of meeting other people at the centre was daunting! An hour’s car journey from Harrow to the Centre worried me! Over the next few weeks I was gently encouraged by Master Oh to come to the centre. One day I broke the ice!! My parents took me to the centre! The front passenger seat in the car was opened up all the way down and turned into a bed. The seat was lined with a quilt and 4/5 pillows on either side. I had to be lifted from the car into the wheel chair and then taken to the training room and lifted again onto the couch for the treatment. The Masters warmly welcomed me! There was an atmosphere of such love and happiness and care that I felt like a VIP. I felt really great and I was already planning to go there again. I then started going to the centre regularly and I often enjoyed the outing. At times the journey felt a little too much. After each treatment I certainly felt lighter and more energetic but between the treatments, my energy levels dropped considerably.

The Qi Centre gives support not only to me but my family too! We also go to the centre for our training at least 3 to 4 times a week. Chanting, meditation and movements in these training sessions have helped me tremendously. Initially, I used to lie down as I did not have the energy to sit up. I am so grateful to all the masters at the centre for giving ongoing support to me and my family. The masters always guide me to follow correct methods of doing the movements, chanting and meditation, so that I get the most out of each training session. All trainees who visit the centre receive equal support from the masters.

I am now able to walk without any help. It feels great! I use the wheelchair far less than I did some months ago. Often I walk around the centre and my home. With my parents, I was so busy concentrating on going to the centre, training chanting etc that I did not realise how fast I was progressing! I can now do a lot of things myself, eg getting dressed, brushing my hair, make-up, eating my own meals, what’s more…., for the first time, I even cooked my own breakfast! I am so fortunate to have such supportive people around me. Without their support I could not have achieved recovery of this level, so soon so fast! It is with their help, today, I continue to improve the quality of my life. I am indebted to all masters at the centre, my parents for their continuous help and support in getting me out from this dreadful illness, ME! I am very grateful to the centre for giving me so much energy which I cherish so much. It has helped me to heal my body, mind and spirit. Although I am yet to recover fully, I am getting there, slowly but surely.

Maya 31, Volunteer – Harrow


I have suffered very bad migraines for the past two years and have been to the hospital for tests and an MRI scan, but the doctors were unable to diagnose a problem.. After receiving my first Ki Treatment I went a whole month without a migraine. Fingers crossed after my next treatment I will go two months or more.

Kelly, Comms Officer, Metropolitan Police

Neck Pain

I have had a number of problems for a few years but especially a chronic neck problem. After each treatment I have noticed a significant improvement. I now feel confident that I will be healed. I feel more alive and relaxed and can look forward to sleeping well after 4 years of difficulty. My grateful thanks to everyone for their help and their caring.

Ted 42, Businessman – Reading
Neck injury

I first started Qi Treatment to help with a neck injury and was in a great deal of pain. I was not expecting miracles and was very curious – my HR recommended it. The treatment amazed me! By the next day not only had the swelling halved in my left arm, but the pain had significantly reduced. My physio was impressed by the instant change.

I have recommended this to all my colleagues, friends and family. It is a thoroughly relaxing process. The practitioners are all friendly and kind and when I first attended they had me fill out a form that was not invasive in any way. I noticed that they are so calm and serene. I found this treatment to be exactly what I need in order to deal with my job and recoup from my injury.

12th April

Outstanding Performance

Last year before the 2007 London Marathon I stumbled across the Innersound stand at the Excel centre. I was skeptical but intrigued. After just 15 minutes I got up and all the aches and pains had gone. The next day I scampered around the Marathon course in 3hrs 29mins, which was astonishing. I’m in no doubt that Master Oh is mainly responsible for this performance! I can’t rate this highly enough.

Matt 35, Marathon runner – London


Pleased to state that since I started the Qi treatment I have seen a marked improvement in my health. Some of the symptoms of osteoporosis, like the cracking of the bones at the joints have disappeared and, on the whole I’m feeling better.

David 41, Banker – Richmond

Pain Relief

I was at a business meeting and when I got up to leave I felt like I had put my back out. I could not walk properly and was feeling intense pain down my right thigh. I thought if I slept on it might heal itself over night however it was worse this morning when I woke up. I had to cancel my work meetings as I could not walk or sit for very long. I could not wait to get to the centre and have a Qi Treatment. Whilst still in pain, I just forced myself to relax and imagine myself receiving healing. Sure enough, the treatment removed the intense pain down my leg and I was limping less immediately afterwards. 10 minutes have passed since my treatment and I cannot believe the immediate relief from pain I have.

Catherine, London


I have started regular training and treatments with Innersound after a number of fertility clinic results all concluded that my FSH was too high (42) and I was approaching an early menopause. Through training my FSH dropped down to 7 (normal range) and I got pregnant with my daughter to the amazement of my obstetrician. During the pregnancy I found treatments best cure for back ache and other pregnancy aches.

During my second pregnancy I kept bleeding and the obstetrician couldn’t find the cause and suggested bed rest. My regular routine for months was ultrasound at the hospital followed by a treatment that stopped the unexplained bleeding for a week or so… I am really grateful to the Masters for their encouragement and support during my training. I am busy with my little angels at the moment but love to come for a treatment or training.

Isabella 45 – Mother/Marketing – Suffolk

At present I attend the centre once a week for Qi training. I normally arrive extremely low in energy and fragmented and feeling quite dull. After my session I leave feeling bright, energised, revitalised and balanced. The change is so instant and incomparable to any other treatment I have tried varying from acupuncture, to massage, reiki, yoga. There is always the guarantee that I will feel not only physically better but spiritually charged too.

I’m a mother of two and a recovering ME sufferer so that means I constantly get painfully tired, have aching limbs and low energy. Since I attended the centre over 2 year ago my health has improved significantly. When I attended initially, I was so physically run down I had to sleep regularly during the day and had very poor sleep at night and no energy. Within the first two months I saw my state of health change drastically and my spirit lifted, it was truly amazing. When I fell pregnant I continued the treatment and classes throughout my pregnancy. I felt strong and confident and emotionally so balanced. I felt the treatment was really penetrating to my baby and I could sense her energy too was strong and calm and very balanced. I even completed ancestral training while pregnant and this really enhanced my sense of connectedness both to my child, to my family and gave me the feeling of being really supported on a very deep level.

My child is now 18 months old and she is a truly balanced, strong and emotionally very advanced being. People constantly comment on her serenity, composure and laid-back personality. I’ve constantly been asked if I did some form of meditation while pregnant because my child reflects such spiritual qualities. One of the most marked aspects of my child is that she is extremely happy and has rarely cried as a baby and is so patient and mature.
I have more energy now with two children than I did two years ago with one. My health continues to improve although it would be much better if I were able to attend the centre more regularly. I am truly grateful for this experience and really value what I am learning and evolving into. This centre has given me light and hope when I felt so lost and unable to heal for so many years.


I first met Master Mo at the Mind, Body & Soul exhibition. It was a great experience, and since then my life has changed. After five sessions in about six weeks I feel light and in balance. I feel as something has been removed from me. I am 21 weeks pregnant but I don’t have any sort of health problem or pain and I feel this is all thanks to the help that I received in every session, since I did not change my life style during the last 6 weeks. So thank you to your marvelous effort, it does make a huge difference in people’s life.

Alice 36, Office worker – London


I enjoyed having treatment and will be receiving more. The people were very friendly and gave a lot of helpful information about Qi Treatment. I found it very relaxing and felt as though tons of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders afterwards. Thankyou



I came for five treatments on the recommendation of a friend. I felt that I was trying to control events around me and needed to be able to let go. The treatments have brought about a dramatic release and I have felt a noticeable ability to let go and move with the natural flow of life. The benefits of this have been more harmony in my life and more joy in my connection with myself and others.

Thank you for your help and giving me a great gift.

Maria, 29, Translator

Slipped Disc

Hello my name is Sara. My friend introduced me to the centre and I started to receive treatment. I had back pain and went to the hospital the Doctor diagnosed a slipped disc. I took medicine and had physiotherapy but that was no use. I went to Innersound and since I received treatment the back pain has gone, my headaches are getting better and I believe soon it will go away completely. The back pain was like a pulling pain so I used to cry a lot. Since the treatment I no longer cry so I feel full of happiness and gratitude.

Many thanks Sara 32, Finance – London
Stefania’s Testimonial, 2009
When I went to the Vital Energy Centre for the 1st time I had severe pain on 2 discs ( c5/c6) on my cervical spine. I couldn’t sleep all night and I was unable to lift my left arm. I couldn’t even drive my car properly because I couldn’t turn my head at all.
I went in and met Master Go, he explained to me what Vital energy treatment was and how it worked , but I didn’t have much hope, I was in too much pain and just wanted to try anything, after 30 min of intensive energy healing I stood up and to my astonishment the pain was 70% better, I could move my neck and felt really good.
Now, I had this problem for many years and I know then when my disc and joints get inflamed it takes me 5 to 10 days to get better. My daughter used to lift me out of bed sometimes because I could not get up on my own. I tried strong pain killers, Hot/Cold packs, Physio, Chiro, you name it, I had done it.
Nothing worked as fast and effective as the Vital Energy Treatment.
I went back weekly for the treatment and after the 5th one, I joined energy training as well.
I have been doing training for several months now and I sleep like a baby, I feel calm and energized. I can focus more and my memory has improved a lot too.
The benefits are too many to describe, but I am forever grateful to the masters for showing
me a better way of living my life.
My skin has a nice glow too, and I have been living pain free.
The funny thing is that friends and people keep telling me that they really like my energy and being around me makes them feel good! Also during meditation at training I could not sit straight at the beginning for more than 5 minutes. Now my core strength has improved so much that I can easily sit for 30 minutes without putting stain on my back.
I recommend vital energy treatment and training to everyone that would like to improve their health, happiness and life. Prevention is better than cure and a life filled with peace, health, abundance and contribution to others is priceless.
Last but not least I would like to thank the Masters for help they gave us for my daughter Jessica, she had several complex cysts in her right ovary and one of them was 8cm in diameter she had them for 3 years and the doctor told us she needed to have an operation.
She was in so much pain that she even collapsed on the floor on some occasions, many days off school and many painkillers later, I decided to take her to the vital energy centre.
She had 3 treatments in 3 weeks, and then we went for the last ultrasound at Westmead Hospital before she was due to be operated on.
The Doctor after several minutes turned around and told us that the she couldn’t see any cysts and wondered why she was having the ultrasound at all.
We felt overjoyed and tearful because we both knew that the energy treatment dissolved the cysts and we kept reading the ultrasound report over and over. “Both ovaries are normal in size and location and demonstrate a normal sonographic appearance. No unusual features are demonstrated. “We like to recommend vital energy treatment and training to everyone and many thanks to Grand Master and Masters for their help and support not only physically and also mentally and spiritually.
The masters’ humble nature and kindness are sure to impress anyone that walk into their paths.
Thank you immensely.

Stefania, Jessica and Mario
3rd November, 2009.


I suffer from an extremely painful degenerative spinal condition spondylosis in my neck and lower back, affecting the lower back, legs, shoulders, neck and head. I was also suffering from chronic tiredness and depression. After suffering non-stop chronic pain for 12 months, which pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs failed to ease, I looked into the area of alternative therapies and came across Qi Treatment at an Alternative Health Exhibition.

After the first treatment, I was actually free from pain for 2 whole days. As recommended I had 5 treatments, at two week intervals. After the second treatment I was almost pain free and I have stayed that way. By the fourth session my energy was improving and I was no longer depressed.

I now have Qi Treatment every 4or 5 weeks and feel better than I have for years. My energy is now at a good level, I am not suffering with pain, my depression has gone and at last am able to enjoy life again.

A big THANK YOU to all Masters and Practitioners at Innersound.

Gill 53, Therapist – Isle of Wight


I visited the Mind Body and Spirit exhibition where I met Innersound. On that day I knew that I had raised blood pressure because I was feeling very dazed. I was very sure that I was having a stroke.

I had recently found out that I was in menopause and was on medication which gave me the worse headache you could imagine. I stopped taking them and was looking for “alternative” treatment.

Since joining Innersound I have not had a raised blood pressure episode. I would like to say my job is now more stressful than it ever was, but I am convinced that the reason I have not gone under is because of the treatment, training classes and support I get from the masters at the centre.

I am so pleased with the outcome.

From this training I try to cultivate a positive outlook and this works for me.

Alcina 55, Manager – London

Quit Smoking

A year ago I had my first treatment and felt an emotional blockage had gone. I never smoked another cigarette and my life began to move in a better direction.

Sara 32, Artist – London
I went to the Innersound Centre in W1 where I received my first treatment and the results were remarkable. I have given up smoking but was suffering from congestion. This was also somehow eased and I have been smoke free for three months now. My skin is lovely and clear, and my eyes too. The energy I have is double but above all I have been having full and undisturbed sleep.



“I was signed off from the London Marathon by my Doctor with acute tendinitis. Actually I could hardly walk let alone run. I decided to travel to London from Dublin to support my friend and to collect my number as a souvenir. I met the Qi Masters at the exhibition and thought I’d try a treatment mainly for pain relief. The next day I woke up pain free and felt good, so I decided to run. I got around no problem and could not believe that my pain did not return even after the full 26 miles. UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you .”

Liam, 44, Marathon runner – Dublin


20 years ago I had a spinal operation, I still had pain now I have been receiving treatment for 13 days, I am a lot better. For 3 years I have had a thyroid problem causing a lot of swelling in my throat. The doctor recommended an operation but I decided to receive Qi Treatments instead. Since then the swelling is going down and my blockage has become a lot softer as well.

When I was receiving treatment I felt a lot of coldness coming out of my back and I felt warm energy going in. My legs are still weak but I believe I can now get better with time.

Thank you for the treatments to all the Masters

Marie 42, Musician – Stoke


I felt so tired before the treatment. Oh Wow! It’s difficult to describe how different I feel…energized! Everything looks brighter and lighter. I’ve had a mini-holiday in only 10 minutes. Time just stood still. What magic hands. Thank you, a wonderful gift.

Jess, 26, Personal Trainer – Cambridge


My ulcer is getting better and I am not in pain, my breathing is far better than I could have imagined. I am so glad to have found this place and I am looking forward to doing the training.

Laura 38, Secretary


Master Oh is the embodiment of altruism. He brings such generosity, compassion and wisdom to every encounter, that it is humbling to be in his presence. Yet he is also full of a special, glowing joy and great optimism, that makes being around him a very uplifting experience.

Sabiha Architect – London

Water Retention

I had swollen feet and some problems with my legs (water retention). I also had stress related problems. I met Master Ha at a convention and had my first treatment and in just two days after the treatment my feet were not swollen and I felt a lot more energized and clearer minded. I certainly recommend this treatment to anybody!

Noelle 47, Solicitor- London

Wound Healing

I severely damaged my left hand in an industrial accident. Despite surgery and much physio the prognosis for a full recovery was not good. As I was a trainee at Innersound I was able to concentrate on healing the hand through using energy and through receiving treatments from the Masters. As a consequence I have regained 95% mobility and strength in that hand.

At my last appointment with the consultant surgeon he was amazed to see how much improvement there had been; commenting on how unique it was for recovery to be so comprehensive especially considering the degree of initial damage done.

Stefan 50, Teacher – Wimbledon

Weight Loss

I felt so good after my first treatment, I realised a big blockage had been removed. Fancy that, a great weight loss and healing at the same time and there was NO headache with the detox just a high thanking you all again.

Fran 49, Ecologist – Manchester

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