Family Healing Testimonials

Testimonial of Susan Hutchins

I became ill for around 12 years with M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) following a virus. I was a classical musician playing the viola in an orchestra with lots of concerts and travelling. I got into a negative state of mind where I could find lots to complain about and lost sight of the positives. I had aches and pains, digestive problems, felt stressed and was sleeping badly. I found it hard to stop my mind going round and round. After the virus I returned to work for a month but was unable to carry on. I was badly affected by the illness and spent a lot of time housebound though fortunately not bed bound. I couldn’t do anything regularly and suffered bad headaches and muscle pain amongst other things. I had to give up my career as a professional musician. I found this quite devastating and very hard to adjust. My husband, David, has always been incredibly supportive. He did most of the cooking and cleaning after being at work all day and put up with my moods and my bad temper and frustration.

Like so many others, my illness led to me to explore spirituality and different traditions. Reiki and energy work were part of that exploration and I discovered practices during my illness which were beneficial –qigong and meditation I found very helpful. I also became an attender at my local Friends Meeting House (Quakers) who I found to be supportive but I always felt something was missing and that I needed more direction.

I had my first Qi treatment in October 2006 at a Mind Body Spirit Show in Manchester where I live. By then I had tried everything –hypnotherapy, nutritional therapy, osteopathy, reiki, shiatsu …you name it. I went to the show because a friend wanted to go. I didn’t expect to find anything that would really help, certainly not something that was going to change my life. That first treatment was amazing. I had begun to think that the illness was all in my mind; that it wasn’t real, but when Master Chun (Master Claudia) told me I had tight energy blockages and I could feel them myself it came as a relief. It hurt, but she was telling me they could do something about it. I felt slightly dazed immediately after the treatment but I found I could walk around for longer than I normally would have been able to. When I got home laterI really noticed the difference. My back and shoulders which were normally very tight felt loose and relaxed. I remember thinking that this must be how normal people felt. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal. The other thing that was different was my mind. I felt calm and peaceful. I was delighted!

Following her advice I went back the following day for a second treatment and again I felt great. Master Chun said that they hoped to open a centre in Manchester but not to wait until
it happened. She
suggested coming to the centre in London and having 5 treatments over a weekend. I was verykeen to find out more about it but didn’t know how I could possibly manage a trip all the way to London in my state. But in early 2007 my husband and I found some accommodation not too far from the centre and we went down for a weekend on the train together.

Again I was impressed by the results. I had the energy to go sightseeing with my husband and meet my sister and brother in law for a very enjoyable meal. I went down again and had an Ancestor Training consultation with Master Jin.

I always felt that there was a lot of suffering and pain in my family. To find out that I could help to heal that and help myself too I thought was a wonderful thing to be able to do. In April 2007 I started training and ancestor training. I stayed with my Mum outside London. She had started going to the centre for treatments too and was really benefiting from them. Having had to walk in with a stick when she first started she was able to walk unaided. Training was hard! But of course I was supported by the energy and by the masters and trainees.

I remember the first ceremony I did and the beauty of the chants and I was so pleased that I had decided to go ahead. I walked back from the train station to my Mum’s that night feeling lighter and happier. After the first 24 days there was a noticeable difference. My husband told me I looked 10 years younger and I was keen to carry on. Since then I have carried on training and having treatments. My Mum still has treatments in London.

Later in 2007, Internet training started and I was able to start training at home. In October I helped out on the stand at the exhibition I’d met the Masters at the year before. It felt great! I was finally getting my life back. Masters started coming to Manchesteronce a month and I would help to organise the visits. In 2008 I heard that we were going to have a centre in Manchester. I couldn’t believe it! I was involved in looking for offices and saw the tremendous hard work and dedication that went in to the building of the new centre. The Manchester centre opened in October 2008.

I now help out at the centre 3 times a week and also work two afternoons at a local charity shop. I know what a huge blessing it is for us to have a centre and want to share it with as many people as possible. I love being involved in something so worthwhile. I have been able to help on community projects which I really enjoy and it isgreat to think of ways that we can reach out to more people. It is so rewarding to see how people benefit from treatments and training and see the changes in my own family.

Personally my body feels very different from when I first started –softer and more flexible. My health and energy are more reliable and my mind is more stable. I feel calmer and more confident. I’m a different, happier person, more myself and easier to live with. I’m certainly a better cook! My husband is very happy with the improvements! This is such a deeply profound, beautiful training. I am deeply honored to be able to offer my testimonial to Mother Grandmaster without whom none of this would be possible and so grateful to have been given the chance to grow closer to Chun Jon Nim. There are so many inspirational people, Masters and Trainees in this organisation. I’m sure we will reach out to more and more people and spread the love!

17th July 2009
Susan Hutchins

Testimonial of Sofie Davin

I stand in front of you today to share with you the story of how this organisation has helped my family.

I have always been blessed with a strong health and constitution. I rarely fall ill or lose my temper. My life has been relatively easy. But that is not the case for my brother Francis.

When I discovered this method in 2005, my brother had been suffering from depression for 6 years already. He suffers from bipolar disorder. It is also called manic depression. He would go from deep depression, sometimes with no will to live, starving himself until my mother would find him in his flat, lying on the floor, with no strength left in him, to intense periods of excessive socializing, partying hard, smoking, drinking, taking drugs and mingling with people who were only interested in taking advantage of him and his kindness. At his worst he would become violent and uncontrollable. Punching our 70 year old father and threatening my mother. Totally unrecognizable. My family being in France and me living in London,I would only hear bits of my brother’s problems and the impact it had on my parents. Of course my mother and father wanted to protect me from the turmoil they were going through. But I felt helpless. I wanted to help them but couldn’t see how I could do it. I clearly remember the day my mother told me of Francis hitting my father: out of anger. Francis hit my elderly father in the stomach. Out of breath, my father had to leave quickly, in the fear that my brother would hit him again. I was shocked, hurt and in total disbelief. I could not understand how my brother could do such a thing. This was not the kind and gentle brother I knew. What had happened to him? How could I help my family? That is when I came across this organisation.

Like many of us here Ifirst experienced this method through receiving treatments. We all know how powerful they are. Then I joined the training class and could feel how deeply they were working on me to make me feel more balanced and stronger physically and emotionally. But it is when I found out about ancestor training that I knew I had been guided here. Instantly I felt this was how I could help my brother regain his mental health. So I started on the 2nd of January 2006. As I prepared for the ceremony I thought of my brother and hoped that this would indeed help him so that he and my parents could regain some normality and happiness in their lives. Something they hadn’t had for a long time.

As I progressed though the 24 days and as my ancestors connected with me more and more I started to experience feelings completely at odds with my own personality: I became angry for no apparent reason, when people did not agree with me or annoyed me I felt like attacking them physically: hitting them sometimes even wanting to strangle them. And then I remembered a conversation I had had with my brother many years ago, when he first started to experience the symptoms of bipolar disorder. He told me how when having an argument with a stranger at the cinema he had felt the urge to attack the man with a knife, to hurt him. It is this violent impulse I felt coming through me and being released.

The 24 days came to an end and I wondered if my brother had changed. I didn’t expect a miracle but still I was hoping. From the moment that I completed AT my brother’s emotional state started to stabilize. From then on he never suffered from the terrible cycles of depression I described earlier on. From that point on he started on a healing path.

And every time I would complete a branch of ancestor training, there would be a turning point for my brother. Now he lives on his own again and is slowly weaning himself off the medication his psychologist has prescribed. He is still healing, but he no longer has to live through these terrible cycles of depression. And my parents can take a rest from the constant care they had to give him. They no longer need to to be afraid of when Francis would next have a “crisis”. They have more peace of mind and stability in their lives.

Although my brother’s healing is enough to express the power of AT. The healing powers of AT are much more profound than the recovery of one individual. As my understanding of the invisible world grows, I realize more and more what a beautiful gift AT is. It heals the pain and suffering of many many more human beings. Francis may have suffered from Bipolar Disorder for more than 10 years, but my ancestors have carried their anger and suffering for several decades. Some of them for almost a century. Weighed down by their emotions and unresolved issues they have been unable to let go of the physical world to go back to ChunJon Nim. Our ancestors are desperate to heal themselves, to shed their pain and to regain their original state of brightness. Desperate to be with ChunJon Nim again.

And it is with the deepest gratitude that I stand here today. Gratitude for ChunJon Nim for his infinite compassion and love. Thank you ChunJon Nim for allowing us to heal our ancestors and their karma. Thank you Chunmo Nim for your constant sacrifice, for making it possible for all of us, masters and trainees to be here today to share in Chunjon Nim’s love and compassion. There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude. I can only say Thank You.

18th of July, 2009
Sophie Davin

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