House Cleansing

Is your House in a funk? Try an ancient eastern approach.

With the increasing popularity of paranormal shows on TV, it’s becoming more recognized that spirit energy can affect places. There are various reasons why spirit energy is attached to a particular place. Energies can accumulate where there has been a history of illness, violent crime, fatal accident, suicide, or fatal illness, or in places that are in close proximity to burial grounds or cemeteries. If a home was used for spiritual practices, energies will also be attracted. This energy can have a negative effect on the inhabitants. House Cleansing can be a very effective way to give new life to your home. It lifts house energy significantly and releases trapped energies. We offer a very specialized spiritual service to help clear and brighten the energy of a home when it’s believed the home may be affected by outside negative energy not related to the family of the inhabitants. Aside from the usual obvious phenomena, there are some not so recognizable things that may be signs or symptoms of negative energy influences, or a “haunted house”.

Below are some of them:

Pets: Stare or bark at seemingly nothing, don’t want to enter certain places in the house, cough or have sudden “asthma-like” symptoms, vomit often but aren’t sick, cry or whimper or howl day or night, for no reason, have health problems or similar health problems to other pets that lived in the dwelling, have active sleep/dreams where they bark at or fight with something.

People: Irritability and arguments between inhabitants, pain in the neck and shoulders, feeling of being unusually cold or hot, wanting to keep the lights on at night, uncomfortable being alone in the house or a room in the house, feeling of being watched, sudden onslaught of depression or anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, constant mishaps, like dropping things, breaking things, accidents, injuries.

Building: Difficulty selling, recurring pestilence problems, such as roaches, gnats, flies, maggots, birds, rats, fleas, moths, mites, recurring electrical problems, such as bulbs burning out too often, appliance problems, recurring plumbing problems, such as clogged sinks and toilets, leaks, general look and/or feeling of being dirty even after cleaning.

House Cleansing: Living with the Divinities

We are born under God’s love and protection, live our lives, then return to God when we die.
In human life there is a “mountain” Divinity that controls our life and death.
The mountain Divinity that is in charge of our birth place is called “Bon Hyang”, meaning “Birthplace”.
There is also a Divinity in charge of one’s current place of residence, Do Hyang” “Province” Divinity.

Modern people may think these are some kind of imaginary story book figures or legend, but in truth, the invisible world exists with strict order and discipline in duty and function, and works in harmony through a person’s birth, aging, sickness and death.

There are 4 Divinities that watch over one’s house:

  1. “Sung Joo” Head of the Household: Controls all family matters
  2.  “Tae Joo,” Guardian of the plot of land on which the house sits: Controls the energy of the ground underneath the house.
  3.  “Bool Sah,” Guardian of the Family Health/Nutrition /Kitchen Divinity
  4.  “Soo Moon Jang,” Door Keeper: Protects the doorways from evil spirits and wandering guest spirits. (Homes with no Door Keeper Divinity will experience housebreaks and thievery.

The four Divinities come into existence at the birth of the first male child, and grow with the child as he grows, but will not be put to work unless/until he marries. Once married, the Divinities take care of all matters of the household and invisibly support the family with whatever endeavors they become involved in. A girl will stay under the care of the father’s family divinities until she marries, when she becomes supported the care of the husband’s family Divinities.

It’s the duty of the Family Divinities to take care of and guide the family. In the West, people may loosely call them Guardian Angels, but the Guardians are actually Divinities, assigned to each family for the sake of creation of a peaceful life from the invisible world. The sad reality is that the discipline of Nature’s Law has become broken, as unwanted spirits, disorderly attachment and greed have interfered with the proper execution of the duties of the Divinities. Unwanted ancestors of many families have imposed themselves upon and threatened the places of Family Divinities, and occupy these places refusing or unable to leave, disturbing the natural order of the home.

Family Divinities are like our ancestors, but they are not people who have passed on as spirits. They are entities of Nature; very gentle and virtuous. They do not deal with the darkness and coarseness of the rude ancestors of the spirit world, and so they leave. Because of this, evil spirits, unwanted guests and wandering spirits can take their chances entering peoples’ homes and potentially create problems for the family.

A House Cleansing Ceremony will restore the natural order of the home and clear the unwelcome and unwanted spirits and return the Family Divinities into their original position in the family so that they can help the family exist more peacefully.

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