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Ki Training Is A Holistic Approach
Ki Healing is an ancient healing method deeply rooted in the laws of nature and the principles that create and support life. It is a holistic approach to health and well-being,based on the Eastern philosophy that body, mind and spirit are connected and that to truly
heal one you must heal all three.

  • Breathe away stress with the sound-vibrations of our chanting classes.
  • Strengthen and heal your body using slow movements breathing exercises to activate energy and blood circulation.
  • Release pain and emotions by using meditation as a tool to heal your mind and let go of negative patterns.

Ki Fitness America’s ki Healing method is derived from ancient times, when martial arts were taught for healing and personal development. Ki Energy strengthens the body, brightens the spirit and heals the mind. It’s based on the Eastern philosophy that mind, body and spirit are connected and that to truly heal one you must address all three. Classes consist of chanting, slow movements, breathing exercises and meditation. The slow movements and breathing exercises circulate Ki energy to strengthen and heal your body. The chanting consists sound vocalizations to balance and purify your energy system (or spirit). The meditation is used as a tool to heal your mind and let go of pain or emotions you may be harboring.

Each class begins with chanting, followed by slow movements or breathing exercises which help circulate energy to different parts of your body. As you progress through the classes, you progress through the different movements, so that by the time you complete the program you will have worked on your entire energy system.

Along with the Ki Training classes, we offer Chanting Classes which consist of chanting and a short meditation (these are different to the chants in the Ki Training classes). The timetable usually schedules the two classes together and we encourage you to join both classes. Their effects are complimentary. There’s also a special chanting class each Sunday which encompasses the spiritual element of the training. It’s an opportunity to show gratitude for the energy received during the week and prepare for the week ahead.

Harmony, centeredness, inner peace

The training has been a gateway to a new life. My physical, mental and emotional health has greatly improved. I feel more centered and grounded, with a deeper sense of life purpose. Within I find peace, without, greater harmony in my relationships. My friends, my family and even strangers have noticed the powerful changes that training has wrought. Of course, sometimes it has been challenging during the process of letting go, but so often therein lies the reward. Finally, I have also enjoyed the greater sense of international community that the training has provided. I wish that you find training to be right for you too.

~Frederick Maitland~

Energy, optimism, stability

The 12-step Vital Energy training classes help me to slow the mental traffic in my mind, and give me increased energy and optimism.


Clarity, Brightness

Feeling clear and bright. The love and kindness we feel becomes a joy to share. A wonderful chance not to be missed.


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