Healthy Brain, Healthy Body

Healthy Brain, Healthy Body: The Beneficial Effects of Ki Energy Training

The body is healthy when the brain is healthy because the brain controls all of our body functions. When stress builds up and causes fatigue, mental functioning is impaired and all parts of the body exhibit decreased activity. For that reason, disease appears. The quickest way to healthy body and mind is to allow the brain to rest.

When the brain is functioning, electricity is produced. Measuring this electricity is one way to monitor the presence of life. Measurement is possible because the brain emits a sine wave, or brain wave. The frequency of the wave is relative to the level of brain activity. Generally when we’re active, Beta waves are present, beginning at 14 cycles per second. If we close our eyes and our mind is calm, Alpha waves occur, at 8-13 cycles per second. Alpha waves are what we try to achieve in meditation.

A calm mind is the basis of good health and a strong mind is not easily disturbed. In a scientific study conducted on Haneul 12 JinBup trainees, the brain waves of the trainees were measured during their training sessions. The brain wave patterns changed from Beta to Alpha during the course of the hour of training. It was also found that trainees could maintain the Alpha state even after the training session had finished. This led to the conclusion that through the voice, movement and meditation practices of Haneul 12 Jinbup, a person can achieve a more stable and relaxed state of mind and become less affected by external stimuli. Stability is created, allowing for better concentration, memory and stress relief.

It’s widely known that stress can have a negative effect on our health. Stress can come from 3 places; Physical stress-reactions to external environmental factors, physiological stress, caused by weakened immune system, fatigue or disease, and stress from emotional factors, such as grief, disappointment, frustration, etc. In another scientific study, the stress levels of Ki trainees were measured. In the trainees who practiced regularly, there was recorded an overall reduction of stress symptoms by 11%. The levels of depression, stomach disease and overall mental state had declined 13%, 16% and 21%.

The Third Eye

The point between the eyes at the level of the eyebrows, often called the third eye, is regulated by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain, and connected to the central nervous system. When this area is stabilized and unobstructed, the function of the brain and the entire nervous and endocrine system work efficiently. When the third eye and the systems connected to it are unobstructed and calm, the central nervous system, autonomous functions of the body, the cardiovascular and respiratory system and digestive system all can operate at their optimum state, allowing for optimum health for the person. That’s why stability of the mind is the way to open the gate of excellent health.

Mind/Body Connection

How exactly are the mind and body connected? The link is invisible, and with the help of advances in science it has become possible to actually measure the body’s reaction to emotional stimuli. As an emotion triggers a response in our brain, an electrical impulse is sent through the nervous system like a high speed train, at the rate of .5 to 10 meters per second. As a result, the nervous and hormonal systems are affected, creating a notable change in the immune system.
The brain uses various methods to communicate with the body’s cells and organs, often needing to act fast to maintain a state of balance. The body has two long-distance communication systems; the nervous system and the endocrine (hormonal) system. The nervous system communicates like that of a phone system, by means of electrical impulses along nerve “wires”, or pathways, while the endocrine system acts more like the post office, sending chemical “messengers” from the brain to arrive with the news at a specific address. These two systems of communication are what link the mind and body.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When you smile, a beta-endorphin is released from the pituitary gland. This “intrinsic love drug” works as a pain killer which improves the immune system. The levels of beta-endorphin increase were shown to rise, and the levels of ACTH (a stress producing hormone) fell during the course of Ki training in subjects who were tested.

Fountain of Youth?

In the human body, a growth hormone is secreted continually to strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis, decompose fat, regulate body mass and improve immunity and vitality. The production of this hormone drops off quickly after the age of 55. Trainees of Haneul 12 JinBup have been documented to secrete up to 10 times more of this growth hormone than those who don’t train. Because of this effect, Haneul 12JinBup is believed to help the effects of aging, osteoporosis and menoxenia, and reinforce the flexibility of the whole body.

Breath: The Basis of Life

Oxygen plays a vital role in our metabolism, helping to create energy from nutrients in food and also to remove waste from our body. All cells need oxygen to live and regenerate. With lack of oxygen, our cells become weak and disease can easily spread. Up to 30% of our oxygen is used in the brain. The organs responsible for removing waste; the liver and kidneys, also require a large amount of oxygen to function properly. If oxygen is deficient, these organs can easily suffer.

Our body becomes healthy when the blood is pure. A state of emotional stress, such as anxiety can cause the blood to become polluted and acidic. But with proper breathing and exercise, oxygen can be carried to the blood, which replaces excess carbon dioxide and alkalizes the blood.

With Haneul12JinBup training, the density of oxygen has been shown to increase by 30% while the density of carbon dioxide was shown to diminish by 20%, raising the alkalinity of the blood as well. The effects of this kind of purification of the blood can result in quick recovery from fatigue and increased vitality.

The Immune System

Everyone would like to live a healthy life without any interruption from disease. Health is achieved when one is free from disease. The word “immunity” is derived from the Latin word “immunos”, which actually means “exemption from taxation”. So we can say that our immune system is strong when we are exempt from the “taxation” of disease.

There’s a proverb that says “if you know both yourself and your enemy, you will win every battle.” Like this, if you have the ability to recognize the disease and the root cause of the disease, you can keep yourself healthy, and also help others along the way. But you first need to gain knowledge and understanding about disease.

Let’s look at the immune system and how it fights against germs, virus or bacteria. The immune system is like an army of soldiers that protect the body from harmful invaders. The army consists of three major types of white blood cells; T cells, B Cells and phagocytes. One million of the cells are produced in the bone marrow every second. The T cell is the commander of the army while the B cell works to produce antibodies which bind to the foreign invader. Then the invader cells can be destroyed by the warrior cells-the phagocytes. When outside enemies invade our body, our defensive army begins the counter assault. If the disease germs enter the blood stream they will have only won a small battle, as soon they will be surrounded by two thousand billion white corpuscles. The word phagocyte means “only eats cells” and it’s their natural instinct to protect the body by eating the enemy. Yum! Phagocytes not only eat invaders, but any microorganism, dead cell, waste product or anything in the bloodstream that is suspect.

Neutrophils and Ki training

There are mainly two kinds of phagocytes: neutrophils and macrophages. One hundred billion neutrophils are made in one day in bone marrow. A neutrophil lives only 3-4 days. When our body is infected, the number of neutrophils increases 5 times. A neutrophil dies after devouring approximately 25 bacteria, but they are continuously being created.

Originally, it was believed that neutrophils only ate cells, but it’s now known they can produce more than 50 kinds of enzymes and can also produce superoxide and nitric oxide. When the immune system is stimulated, reactive oxygen intermediates (ROI) are created within neutrophils, which are in part responsible for a strong immune system. Researchers, who studied the relationship between the immune system and Haneul12 JinBup training, found that after one hour of Ki training the ROI levels increased as much as 40%.

Immunity to Cancer

When a cell mutates and becomes cancerous, the first cell to attack is the natural killer cell. It plays an important role in the fight against cancer. The natural killer cell is very effective in destroying its enemy by first targeting then the cancerous cell and then clinging to it with determination until it penetrates the cell wall. The cancer cell, drained of its cellular fluid, is left to die.
It has been scientifically proven that stress can trigger the onset of cancer. In a symposium entitled “Discovery and Protection of Cancer”, it was reported that emotional stress increased the density of cortisol and decreased the mass of the thymus, spleen and lymph glands, linking psychological factors to the probability of cancer. Also, a research team at a US medical college examined 109 leukemia and lymphoma patients. Many had previously suffered emotional changes such as sorrow, anxiety, anger and loss of a job or loss of a loved one. Under these psychological conditions, up to 3000 cancer cells can be produced in a day, which is more than the body’s immune system can defend. At this point the cancer cells multiply, resulting in death.

We have learned that Haneul 12 JinBup training aids in revitalizing the natural killer cells. In one study, cell activity was measured in trainees before a training session, at the end of training, and then 2 hours later. In the presence of K562 cancer cells, it was found that the natural killer cells were able to destroy more than 60% of the cancer cells.

The T Cell

The T cell is the supreme commander in the body’s defense army. 500,000 lymph9ocytes are made in one minute in the bone marrow, and travel to the thymus gland located above the heart. As we age, however, the thymus shrinks, weakening the immune system. The thymus gland acts like a military academy and tests the lymphocytes, selecting only the top 10% of the class to become T cells. (The “T” is for “Thymus”). These elite officers are trained as a special attack unit and are given different duties, like helper T cells, suppressor T cells, natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells.

The number of lymphocytes and T cells in trainees of Haneul 12 JinBup and non-trainees were observed. Trainees had up to 1.5 times more helper T cells than non-trainees.

Improved ability to fight disease

How does the body’s protection improve? Like intelligence officers, memory cells remember details about the invaders and stay at the scene of an attack. Then, if similar pathogenic bacteria enters the body, the commander knows what type of immune soldier to send ad the invader is killed faster and with more accuracy.

In another study, The cell mediated immunity test kit (made by the Merieux Institute in France), which contained 7 kinds of inactivated germs was injected into normal subjects and Haneul 12 JinBup trainees who had been training for 5 months. The results showed that the trainees’ immune cells memorized twice as many germs and destroyed the germs 50% faster than the normal subjects.

Haneul 12 JinBup Ki Training

  • Stabilizes the mind
  • Increases the power of the Alpha wave
  • Reinforces functioning of the brain
  • Reduces stress
  • Secretes good hormones (beta-endorphin & growth hormone)
  • Regulates heart and respiration rates
  • Controls Blood pressure
  • Increases oxygen density and alkalization
  • Decreases carbon dioxide concentration in the blood
  • Reinforces the immune system
  • Increases natural killer cells
  • Increases neutrophil activity
  • Increases the ratio of helper/suppressor cells

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