Ki Follows The Mind

A comfortable and positive mind helps Ki flow smoothly but an uneasy, nervous and negative mind blocks the flow of Ki. If Ki circulates well the body stays healthy but if the flow of Ki is blocked the body becomes sick. A Ki shortage and Ki blockages are a direct cause of disease, from an Eastern medicine viewpoint.

cosmic soundsThe Ki Center Ki class is a very effective way to purify spirit, mind and body, facilitating recovery on all levels.

A Ki class begins with chanting, which consists of reciting cosmic sounds to tune our minds to the frequency of the energy in the cosmos. These sounds were heard by the ancient sages during their training; they are the sounds of the cosmos, and have no meaning to us. The cosmos exists as energy, light and wind (sound). Sound is a conductor of energy which creates movement (that’s why people dance to music), and has a very powerful effect on matter. When we chant these cosmic sounds we open all energy channels in the body, but especially the two main energy centers on the top of the head and between the eyebrows (third eye). We can then tune our mind to the mind of the cosmos, which creates a line of energy between the cosmos and our bodies, mind and spirit. An important energy center is the third eye. When vital energy opens the third eye (where the spirit we received from heaven resides), we can align spirit, mind and body as one, and return to our original state, where spirit guides mind, and mind guides body. Chanting the cosmic sounds calms the mind, and prepares the body for the physical movements.

StanceThe movements move the energy more vigorously around the body. Different movements are performed to open different areas of the body. We always start and end the movements at the “tantien”, which is the center of energy in the body, located just below the navel, and where all energy channels meet. It is the neutral point, the point of balance. Each movement focuses on each part of the body to open all energy channels and energy pores. The movements are slow and gentle and follow the energy flow of the cosmos. We only need to concentrate our minds on the motion. When we concentrate our minds on one place, all the energy in the body gathers to that place. Energy goes where the mind goes. Concentration is like a convex lens which gathers sunlight in one place to create fire. Also when the mind follows the movement, body and mind are re-united.

After dedicated practice, all energy channels and energy pores in the body are opened up. The movements are also designed to integrate the yin and yang energies in our bodies. An upward movement is yin, a downward movement is yang, a leftward movement is yin, and a rightward movement is yang. So for every movement that goes up, another one goes down; for every leftward movement, there is a rightward one to balance it.

It is important to understand that the yin and yang energies are not two separate energies. They are always integrated by the undivided unity of the primal energy. If they were separate they would fly apart until their complete disintegration, and the universe would come to an end. However, disease is the aberrant separation of these two energies. Most diseases are either of a yin or yang nature, and the bigger the gap, the more serious the disease. Death happens when these two energies separate completely, i.e., spirit (yang) separates from body (yin). To recover our health we need to harmonize, balance and integrate these two energies. This can only be done by receiving the integral vital energy, which is the focus of the Ki Center.

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