Mind and body are inseparable. So, the first step in self-reflective meditation is to increase your awareness of who you are, what you are, and why you do the things you do.

It is important to ask questions. For example, “Why did I get angry, depressed, or exhausted? Why do I react in the same way every time this situation occurs? Why did these people trigger these emotions in me?” It is important to find the underlying reason(s) for your behavior. Be willing to discover your answers step by step not with the intellect but with the heart-mind.

Many people are slow to identify repetitive patterns in their lives. Often this is because the deadlocks in your mind are never recognized and consequently never corrected. As you reflect on your behavior and correct your mind, less repetition will take place. So, the second step in meditation is to gently correct the mind.meditation-takes-you-beyond-Deepak-chopra

As you learn how to look back at your past mistakes, not in self-condemnation or guilt, but as a way of understanding what you did or others did to you, you can discover how to correct those mistakes and return your mind to a state of balance.

Daily meditation is a demanding and rewarding process and its effectiveness depends on disciplined effort. Often it requires courage, honesty and perseverance, but whatever progress you make, no matter how small, over time it will prove invaluable.

Remember during meditation always make yourself comfortable. If the mind wanders and thoughts of all kinds interfere, it’s still OK, as long as you remain conscious of the mind’s preoccupations and return to deeper and deeper reflection.

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