Ki Energy Treatments

Ki energy treatments are a natural way to revitalize the body and mind, effectively relieving pain, stress, fatigue, and other health issue. Ki Treatments are given by highly trained Ki Masters. They use special sound and breathing techniques together with acupressure to carry energy deeply into the body to open energy blockages, remove toxins and negative energy, and recharge with vital energy. This has the effect of revitalizing the energy system, which activates the body’s own healing power to regenerate organs, renew cells and stimulate the immune system. The effect of a ki energy treatment can be immediate. Physical and mental symptoms can be relieved and in some cases, completely alleviated. A large body of scientific work has demonstrated the effect of Ki Treatment on the immune, hormonal and cardiovascular systems. Stress hormones decrease and natural killer cells, T-cells and
endorphin’s are significantly raised. Ki energy treatments are suitable for people of all ages.

A healthy human body has an abundant and continuous flow of energy which supports all the physical functions. This energy is pumped through a network of energy channels similar to the way that blood is pumped by the heart and flows through the veins. Energy is pumped by the human battery, located just beneath the navel, and flows through energy meridians to all organs and cells.

This free flow of energy brings immunity, vitality and health, whilst creating a peaceful and calm state of mind.

From an eastern point of view, there are only two causes of ill-health – a shortage of energy and energy blockages. When we are short of energy, our body doesn’t have the energy it needs to function effectively bringing fatigue, pain and stress and leading to increasing imbalances and symptoms of ill-health.

In turn a shortage of energy affects our emotions which create energy blockages. Energy blockages exist as tension or stress in the body causing pain and imbalances which can lead to ill-health and disease.

There are two main causes of energy blockages. The first is strong or repeated emotions such as stress, anger, worry, sadness, fear, regret etc and the second is inherited patterns from our family history. The latter depends on the health and emotional patterns that are passed down through the generations of the family.

Ki Treatment HealingKi Treatment recharges the body with the essential energy it needs to function effectively and dissolves energy blockages that obstruct the natural flow of energy.

Ki Treatment Ki Treatment is given by Ki Masters who press on energy points around the body to stimulate the circulation of energy and remove deep rooted tension and stress. At the same time they emit a sound using their breath to transmit energy and revitalize all organs and cells, addressing the root cause of many health conditions.

The Ki Masters train seven days a week in an ancient martial arts practice to be able to transmit pure, balanced energy. Their sensitivity and experience also allows them to accurately sense the imbalances and blocked energy in your body, releasing them and recharging you physically and emotionally.

Effects of well-being, balance and peace are often felt immediately and the Ki Master can give guidance for long term health and recovery.

Ki Treatment is suitable for all ages and is received fully clothed. Appointments can be made at the Inner-sound centers for an initial Ki Treatment and consultation.

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