Frequently Asked Questions About KI Energy Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions About KI Energy Treatments

What is a KI Energy Treatment?

A KI treatment is performed by KI masters to open energy blockages, release negative energy and recharge the body with pure vital KI energy. A KI treatment is received fully clothed and is very effective for stress, pain and fatigue. The effect is immediate and cumulative, as KI energy builds up in the body, it strengthens and repairs the energy system.

How many KI treatments do I need to receive?

It varies from person to person, but generally, the longer a person has been ill and the older a person is, the longer it can take to change their condition. Some people receive energy very well and can experience immediate results. We recommend an initial course of five or ten treatments followed by a assessment of your progress.

What should I expect to feel after a KI treatment?

People can experience different effects, but generally, most people feel lighter, clear headed and more positive and bright. Tiredness, pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and digestive problems can be greatly relieved and in some cases completely disappear after a course of KI treatments.

Can I receive a KI treatment while on medication or with other KInds of treatments?

Yes, KI treatments do not interfere with medication or other treatments and in many cases can be complementary. Some medications can have toxic effects and the KI treatments can help detoxify the body.

Are there any side effects from a KI treatment?

Sometimes this can be the case. The KI treatment releases a lot of toxins and negative energy from the body and some people may feel temporarily unwell. People, whose bodies are very toxic, may experience a mild headache, tiredness, sleepiness, or even a mild sKIn rash, which disappears in a day or two. We recommend drinKIng plenty of water after a KI treatment, to help flush out any toxins.

My body is very sensitive to touch. Will I be able to withstand the pressure?

Even though a KI treatment involves acupressure, which may cause some discomfort, the majority of people can tolerate the pressure. However if you are particularly sensitive, you need to advise the KI master treating you to apply a lighter pressure.

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