Ki Energy Treatments ‘ChunSoo’

ki-vital-energy“ChunSoo” is the word we use for healing treatments given by Vital (Ki) Energy Masters to transmit vital energy, open energy blockages and remove toxins and negative energy from the body.

Vital energy is transmitted through a sound vibration, which opens the energy channels and allows the energy to penetrate. Energy is invisible and intangible. It needs a physical medium of transport, and sound is the best medium to carry energy into the body. While the sound is only the vehicle to transport the energy, it is the quality of the energy that actually heals the body.

The difficulty with energy is that it is invisible, and it is difficult for people to see the different types of energy in the world. In actuality, everything is energy; a tree, a fish, a human. Likewise, there are many different types of energy in the cosmos, and people can tap into different energy frequencies, just as two people may have the same TV set, but one is watching channel 2 while the other is watching channel 7.

Our Vital Energy Healing treatment is not to be confused with other types of energy healing. Apart from the fact that that different people are tuning into different energy wavelengths, the state of body and mind of the person giving the treatment is crucial. Energy does not flow one way, but is a two-way exchange. Not only does the giver pick up the energy of the person receiving the treatment, but the receiver picks up the energy of the giver. It is an energy exchange, and if there has been an accumulation of negative energy and mind of the person giving the healing, the receiver will also receive it.Sound Energy

The Vital Ki Energy Masters, in order to keep as clear conduits of Vital energy do intensive training every day to release negative energy from their bodies and minds and recharge with vital energy in order to prevent their own health from suffering, which is quite common among healing practitioners. The training is not only energy training but mind training as well. The training of the mind is most important. To develop a generous, loving mind that gives unconditionally can take years of training.

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