What Is KI Energy?

Ki Energy CosmicSince ancient times people have acknowledged the existence of a creative force that flows through and sustains all life. Known as KI or chi in the East, it’s what makes our hearts beat and our lungs breathe, and what determines our vitality and lifespan. Energy is invisible and intangible and being in these modern times where everything needs to be seen, touched and analyzed, the ideas we have about energy can become convoluted and misunderstood.

Fundamentally, there are two types of energy: Energy that creates life and energy that supports life. The first comes from the source of the universe and is known as KI or vital KI energy. We receive this energy at conception and it should last our entire life. The latter is energy received from nature; from the sun, moon, food, water and air. This energy sustains our daily life. These two types of energy can be compared to a car’s battery and fuel. The fuel maintains the engine’s worKIng parts, but the battery is what gives power to the engine, and if the battery dies, no matter how much fuel there is in the tank, the engine can’t work.

This comparison can give an idea as to why people cannot find a cure for modern ailments despite having a good diet and healthy lifestyle. When the human battery runs out of “juice”, it’s very difficult to rejuvenate.Vital energy makes our hearts beat and blood flow and nature’s energy supplies the oxygen, but the body can only function properly when it has an adequate supply of vital KI Energy, it’s life force.

These days, nature has been suffering from a shortage of energy, due to much environmental degradation. The world is now more polluted than ever. This life source of ours is becoming sick and We are becoming less able to receive sufficient energy from nature to sustain a healthy life. As a result people are exhausting their “battery” more quickly. Everybody these days suffers from a shortage of energy. Low immunity and chronic health conditions are increasingly prevalent. Now, more than ever, people are needing to recharge with vital energy to maintain a healthy life.

KI Training is an excellent way people can directly directly receive vital KI Energy to recharge their “battery”. Many people have found KI Energy Training classes to be the answer to bringing back their vitality and health.

More on KI Energy

Ki Energy EarthMany centuries ago, Plato said that “The part can never be well unless the whole is well this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that the physicians separate the soul from the body.” Several centuries later, William Blake gave us this insight: “Man has no body distinct from his soul, for that called ‘body’ is a portion of soul discerned by the five senses, the chief inlets of soul in this age”.

Today, modern people may view these insights as old-fashioned and incongruous with great scientific and technological advances of our age.However, as more evidence mounts of the devastating effect human activity has had on our natural environment, we are beginning to turn our attention to older philosophies and beliefs that embraced a greater connection and harmony with nature, that is, the understanding that the human body, mind and spirit are interrelated and connected intimately with nature. Ancient Taoism held the view that the universe, Earth and humanity are united as one, and whatever happens to one, happens also to the others.The unifying principal is the concept of yin and yang; the two opposite and complementary energies that create, maintain and regulate all of life.According to this ancient view, life is created when yin and yang become one.Think of how you were conceived, when your father’s yang and your mother’s yin energies joined as one.

Light and sound are the fundamental elements of life and the building blocks of the material world.Body, mind, spirit, as well as all the material things we use in our everyday lives, are essentially light and sound frequency.The human body connects with the energies of the universe and the Earth through a network of energy channels that supply energy to all organs and systems to keep us alive and healthy.Energy from the sun, moon, earth, water and air support and maintain life.

The human body, just like a car, cannot work without a source of energy. Many of today’s diseases are caused by a shortage of vital KI energy.This shortage is caused by blockages along the body’s energy channels preventing proper circulation of energy, which in turn starves the organs, tissues and cells of life force, impairing the body’s vital functions.Chronic and degenerative diseases have their root in the body’s inability to receive and circulate energy. However, not only physical illnesses, but also stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, digestive and hormonal disturbances, migraine headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain are all symptoms of energy blockage and deficiency of vital energy.

We usually think of physical and mental illnesses as being separate and thus requiring different healing approaches. We think, for instance, that a person suffering from depression should be treated in a different way from someone suffering from, say, arthritis.Separation of body and mind which is so deeply ingrained in our minds has resulted in very odd and ineffective ways of treating ailments that have essentially the same foundation.

Many diseases have their root in the mind—in the way we think, feel, perceive our world.The connection between body and mind happens through the energy system.Every thought, feeling and emotion is transmitted to the body via the energy system. Energy blockages are primarily caused by negative emotions and lack of harmony within oneself and with others.The artificial separation of body and mind has given us the illusion that one can be healed without the other.This compartmentalization not only reduces our ability to effectively address the cause of illness, but also to heal ourselves. The human body has the innate ability and intelligence to heal itself, as nature has designed.Given the correct method and material that create and support life, we can heal ourselves.Light, sound and KI energy are the raw materials that create and support life.

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